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For the love of smiley faces!


Chris brings more than 30 years experience as an automotive design engineer.  He's a creative visionary, has a savvy business head, loves sailing and chocolate.


Our suppliers are a key part of the team too and span the globe: Denmark -with Bullitt bike and Butchers & Bicycles, China, USA, Italy, and New Zealand. 


Rob the Instigator
Chris the Visionary
smiley faces

Chris and Darleen packed up their lives in Brussels and moved to Waiheke Island in search of smiley faces and a school where their kids could go barefoot.  That sorted, they turned their attention to starting the right business.


Rob Vaasen started eCyclesNZ 12 months prior, renting out e-bikes to visitors to Waiheke Island.  The face-splitting, yiharr! smiles from whizzing up them hills no sweat were enough to convince Darleen and Chris that they'd found their next adventure.


January 2015 saw the BULLITT cargo bike arrive to NZ shores. 


In March 2015, we opened in Newmarket - mixing Bikes and Barbers.   

 2017 Opening Devonport ...Ditching the Barbers LOL - becoming BIKES And BEYOND :

2020 More space needed and Upgrade to our looks :) 

  • exciting shake-ups a-happening in the supply chain space, Achielle from Belgium, Sidecars fro DK, and More new Frames on da way 

  • More space in our shops -as we gear up to have a stand alone depot - helping our logistics :) 

  • yes the rumour mill is , another mission outpost in the creation.   Great news for our mainland customers.  


Watch this space.  More news coming soon


We're on a mission to bring: great quality, latest design capability, and 

smiley vibe e-bikes   to the NZ market at prices like you wouldn't believe!! 

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