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Put the fun between your legs -

It's late winter here on Waiheke Island....tho' you wouldn't necessarily tell.

The sun is rising with us each day, loud and warm and clear. And the moana (sea) is shimmering with very little sign of wind or even a ruffle.

So, Team eCyclesNZ is preparing for the rental season ahead. It's a bit of a mad rush, actually:

  • whole lot of new bikes to order (check!)

  • whole lot of ex-rentals to sell

  • overhaul, strip back and rebuild remaining fleet

  • new team players to recruit (trying out this space)

  • processes/systems to document (love googledocs!)

  • new packages to launch (watch out for one coming with

  • new flag to order to replace the one nicked last season (note to self: one less nice flag to order)

Here's a short film we made with the wonderful, Campbell Farquhar at Bicycle Pictures, toward the end of last season. While cameo appearances of several last seasons' team are in evidence (including yours truly), we can promise that everyone is having a genuinely, WICKED time :)

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